Spanda Xpress

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2019 the spring of hope and truth

SpandaXpress will be in session each last Saturday of the month
at Yoga-Well-Being in Victorian Village 
2:30 to 4:30

SPANDA, a new concept music collective, was established in April of 2006 by Rieah Masubuchi and Rick Borgia. Inspired by the form of Kirtan music – featuring call and response, SPANDA combines contemporary music with ancient mantras to create a new collection of songs, adapting various styles of chant in different languages and from different spiritual traditions.

“I believe that music existed before the first words were spoken and I think music is the language which allows us to communicate with God, or the greatest mind, or the Absolute, whatever one may call it”, says Rieah. In all religions, music is used to praise God. Composed in traditional forms, the words are different from the language we use in our daily lives. “When we sing ancient syllables, there is no attachment that comes with our experience associated with modern language. For example, how about the word God? Or sins? Or prayer, punishment, discipline...? Each one of us has had certain experiences with those words and those experiences can often inhibit us from being free and pure. It’s just a natural reaction we feel about certain words. When we sing the name of the Creator, we simply want to express our gratitude, not to be reminded of past experiences. Singing in different languages opens up a direct path to our hearts.”

SPANDA is more than a concept music band, it is a collective. It consists of singers and musicians, of course, then graphic designers, writers, choreographers, marketing, public relations, accountants, as well as stage managers, crew; lighting, sound engineers, and so on. Each members' unique talents and participation allows SPANDA to perform in the best possible circumstances. SPANDA is a new and unique concept connecting people through spiritual musical discovery. If you would like to be a part of Spanda, contact us to let us know what your talent is! 

Rieah Masubuchi

Rieah, a seeker, a versatile musician, vocalist and composer, is a founding member of Spanda. She has been studying Hindu philosophy for over 12 years and has been a professional vocalist for over 20 years. A Tokyo native, she combines spiritual devotional mantras with original melodies and contemporary arrangements. She studies Northern Indian vocal techniques and language to deepen her understanding of the form of devotional singing. In addition, she plays Harmonium, Tanpura, Piano and Percussion. Her favorite quote is "use your brain while you still can".   

Rick Borgia

Rick is the arranger and composer for Spanda. In addition, he also performs and sings as well as being the producer of this debut CD. He has been involved with music from age 11, when he started lessons on the guitar, his principle instrument.  His background also includes fine arts and he considers himself a seeker of truth and spiritual awakening. Rick brings his love of creativity and collaboration to this project as well as his extensive music industry experience including; recording and touring musician, film and television composer, record producer and songwriting collaborator.
Rick's CD, "Reflections" a hemi-sync meditation music treat, is available through Monroe Products at