Spanda Xpress

heart, soul, chakra, guru, yoga, transcendental, searching, bliss,

This is a Sanskrit word describing the endless, all-encompassing, primordial vibration of the Universal Spirit. 

When we sing out, we blend with the vibration of now and forever through all time and space. It is our lending of voices which enlivens the universal vibration in each of our cells and in our hearts, adding a dimension of infinity that we feel as pure joy. 

We have been experiencing this form of vibration through our immersion into the Sanskrit mantras dedicated and created thousands of years ago. The mantras we choose to share are inspired by our desire to bathe in the vibratory light of the wisdom of the ancient cultures who so wisely considered every aspect of reality as truth. It is the actual sounds of the Sanskrit words that captivates our attention as they are vehicles of transformation and enlightenment. 

Today, in the midst of a melting together, we revel in suspending our spirits soaring past cognition into a trance-like, super-coherent state. 

If we are fortunate that you may lend your voice to our united effort of joyful noise, we would be so grateful. 

Our immense gratitude and wish for ourselves with you and for all beings is that we may direct our good will and love upward in abundance as we honor this form in our own unique and humble way!

"Spanda  is a lovely recording of traditional Sanskrit mantras, set to original melodies in a seamless blend of East and West, ancient and modern. Tasteful instrumental offerings by sitar, tabla, harmonium, violin and bamboo flutes complement the spirit-infused voices of Rieah and Rick in this new recording that will bring joy and peace into your home and heart."  

- Robert Gass