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Holy Mackerel!

Time flies when one observes the sudden changes brought on by a breeze.
The fluttering of a blade of grass, the shadows dancing through the afternoon, the ages in their agelessness drifting, drifting, forever drifting.

Soon we will have some newer recordings to hear; adding to the "slow, steady path" release of ongoing Spanda collaborations~


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universal vibration, SPANDA'S DEBUT ALBUM

Spanda's CD is now available thru CDBABY and Itunes

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Spanda Kirtan

We have been leading a series of kirtan events at Global Gallery in German Village every Tuesday and want to share this audio sample recorded on July 31st. We use a Sony mini-disc recorder set in the back of the room and this sample "Shri Ram Jay Ram" features all acoustic with guitar, harmonium, tabla and percussion. We are so grateful for this opportunity to experience the simple joy of singing with any and all who may join us! Please come down, bring a cushion and a friend, we would be so happy to see you!

Spanda News!

Spanda performed for a special and auspicious day - Guru Poornima Celebration - at Ohio Dhyanapeetam Anandeshwara Temple on Sunday July 29  Guru Poornima is a Full Moon Day in the month of Ashadha (July-August). It is a very sacred day on which special worship is performed to the Gurus, who, through their infinite compassion and eternal bliss, create an opportunity for enlightenment.

At Anandeshwara Temple, they held special pooja, arathi, meditaion, and bhajans. We are so very honored to be a part of this beautiful celebration!!!


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Spanda's CD is now available thru CDBABY and Itunes, also in Columbus at Momentum98 near North Broadway and High!